Postcards from Home #4: Glorious Quietude

I experience much more in the quiet than I do in the loud places. Silence is actually filled with more sound than you think. Even deep in the woods as I sit at the butt of a tree trunk, there is no such thing as true and complete quiet. The forest floor is buzzing with … Continue reading Postcards from Home #4: Glorious Quietude


The Witch Who Ruined Thanksgiving

I didn't mean to do it, but it happened. I did not meet my mother's expectations. The year was 1990 and I finally had an apartment all to myself. It was the first time I offered to host a Thanksgiving dinner for my family. My mother had been longing for the day when I would … Continue reading The Witch Who Ruined Thanksgiving

Postcards from Home #3: Sidewalk Shadows

Sometimes when my heart is too broken and I believe I will die, the shadows themselves bend over me to comfort me... I hold on to trees, like hugging them, as if to encourage them to always stay there. I think nothing will ever take them away from me. Yet this July a freak wind … Continue reading Postcards from Home #3: Sidewalk Shadows

Self Interview, pt. 2: My Life with the Gods

Religion has always been very important in my life. I am very devoted to my Gods. Gods? Did I just read that correctly, Valentina? You may wonder. Yes, you did. I don't worship one big Father God in the sky. I am a Polytheist, I believe in and worship multiple gods and goddesses, and I … Continue reading Self Interview, pt. 2: My Life with the Gods

Postcards from Home #2: Willow at the Shore

This is where I took you with me today: I hope you don't mind that I included myself in this photograph. I could not resist standing under the willow tree at the shore. If it wasn't cold, I would've tested the water with my toes. I came almost too close to the water and a … Continue reading Postcards from Home #2: Willow at the Shore

Self Interview: A Portrait in Words

I thought long and hard over the questions I would answer as an introduction to myself.  It's like creating a self portrait, but in words.  I had to edit down some of my answers because I can tend to go on and on and...  lose track of time, and purpose, and energy to the point … Continue reading Self Interview: A Portrait in Words

A Postcard from Home

This is what home looks like where I am: When I'm really lucky, on early mornings in November, I wake to scenes such as the one I photographed above.  This isn't a nice stock photograph I posted off the internet.  This is a very real place.  It's where I live. Well, next to where I … Continue reading A Postcard from Home