Hello, Samhain!

I have just created a new blog and am getting used to the new format of it, working out the bugs, settling in, figuring out everything, making it work.  It is a strange fit, this.  I wiggle in like I would a new pair of shoes, stretching my toes, taking a few steps here and there, still unsure if this is me or not.

I have five minutes to midnight.  Five minutes before a new month.  It is the last five minutes of Samhain.

I feel like I’ve been a bad Witch this Samhain.  I have not done my usual ceremonies and magick.   Instead I’ve been working on other transformations…

I’m going to quickly finish writing this and save the details for the next day.  I have a lot to introduce to you about me!


6 thoughts on “Hello, Samhain!

  1. Hi Val! I’m glad to see you blogging. This is a little off topic but I wanted to give you some tips on how to have more impact.

    First off, have you considered buying valentinathewitch.com? It will give your blog a more professional look and be easier for people to remember. I know money is an issue for many people, but registering a domain name is cheap, usually about $8, sometimes you can get a special for less. (GoDaddy.com is the site most bloggers recommend to register a URL.) Once you own the URL, you can use it for your wordpress site for a one-time fee of $15. Just look for “mapping a domain” in the wordpress help forums; it’s easy!

    Second, you chose a beautiful theme, MistyLook, but it is also a very common theme which means many other blogs look the same. Luckily MistyLook offers a customizable header, so you can change the image at the top if you like. The best way to find a suitable image is to go to compfight.com, search for something (e.g. “nature”) and make sure CREATIVE COMMONS is selected on the left-hand side. Choose a picture that is not too busy. If you’re going to resize it, make sure its creative commons license offers “remix” rights. Crop it to 780 by 189 and you are ready to use it as your new header.

    Hope this helps. I’m curious what you’re going to write about 🙂

    1. Thank you, Drew! It’s a small start. I really appreciate any and all tips!

      I’ve been blogging since 1997 and I am an expert CSS website designer. If I had the extra funds to design sites here, I’d go a little nuts!

      I would love to buy the domain name and have considered it, but is the $8 fee a per month one or a $8 a year fee? I’ve never gone about buying a domain name. I’ll definitely look to see if I can find a deal.

      I was very bored with many of the theme designs here at WordPress and disappointed that they offered very simple looks. I noticed that MistyLook was very common. Yet other themes I tried on just were not cutting it. I long for the days when I had complete design control over my blog! I hate that I’d have to pay $30 a year to design free templates for other bloggers to use. Other sites allow free default CSS design and designers only get paid if they pay to be part of a premium package where they can sell their extra fancy designs.

      I have TONS of stock photography I’ve taken myself to make a custom header image suitable to fit the color scheme for MistyLook. I don’t like to use creative commons stock. Trust me, I never run out of images of my own to post. However, I have noticed that there is a limit to storing and posting images and videos here. That means I’ll be using a lot of HTML exclusively to post images of my own.

      I’m planning several articles. The first of which will be a nice introduction, something of a timeline, and a self interview, then it’s on to subjects you know we love to discuss! Yay! There’s also a subject/project I’d like to propose to you, but it’ll have to wait until I can have a good think about it first. Yay. Yeah… Soon this little place will be full of stuff. Just be a little more patient and it’ll go like gangbusters.

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