Why I’m Here

I have something to confess. This isn’t my first time. And this isn’t my only blog. I’ve been doing this since 1997, back when blogs were called “web logs” and were just a simple record of daily updates about the websites I published. When I first got online, I advertised myself as an artist. I presented my work as if it were a movie trailer, making things seem like I had finished several graphic novels, hoping someone would be interested enough to buy into how awesome I was. The years of free website hosts that provided no advertisements and plenty of megabytes upon gigabytes of space, disappeared. I lost my old blogs, even more contacts, and had to start over more times than I care to remember.

Skip ahead to December 2004 when I joined Mindsay, a wonderful community of creative bloggers, and a place online that loaded fast and was user friendly enough to let my friends and family join. I had just moved away from my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to my “other” hometown, Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  Separated from my best friends, completely depressed, and doing my best to help my dying mother, Mindsay was the PERFECT place for me to vent about everything and keep in touch with loved ones faraway.  Mindsay even afforded me the opportunity to go crazy donating my talents as a CSS designer, creating new blog themes and pages, and I enjoyed much popularity. But then, the site began to shut down. NO! It was like becoming homeless. I shuffled around the internet wondering where to park my personality. For a time I started a blog about my dreams and artwork but it never really caught on as well as I would’ve liked. I then decided to focus on my life as a Witch at Tumblr and called the blog Moonserpent’s Reflections after the first “witch name” I was given at age 19. Yet that site was a poor fit as well. So…

Why did I end up here?

I was impressed by how many professional writers are here at WordPress. I have several friends who moved their blogs from other sites to this one because of the reliability of this site.  Two of those friends are public figures, one of whom is an international bestselling author.  If this blog site is good enough for them, it’s gotta be the place to be, right? Besides,  too often other blog sites take too long to upload or they just crash. Sometimes the sites make too many changes too often, or are simply less user friendly and clogged up with advertisements. WordPress seems to really encourage writers to just get started in seconds, taking the thinking out of the design creation of the blog and just let the blogger get going with their words. I like that.

My only complaint is that I, as an artist and designer, have to pay to custom design my site. That takes some fun away from things for me. There’s a lot I could do here and not just for myself. Sure, I could pay $30 a year for the right to custom create blogs to my heart’s content, but I’d rather just stick with this default design until I make more money at being my awesome self.

I need to focus on my writing. The purpose of this blog now is to treat it like writing a book. Perhaps not as formal, more like a draft. I know I will make plenty of grammar mistakes here and there, yet the way my thoughts stream out spills in poetry. I don’t write a bad story, I just write a lot of… stuff.

I’ve been VERY inspired as of late to really get my stuff together and live up to my dreams. It is my intent to write from a Witch’s point-of-view, yet also let the visionary artist in me draw from her imagination, too. What I am telling you is to expect me to occasionally drift off topic, but know that I usually stick to the subjects of religion and art.

I need not say anything more but, hello! I’m here! Now, what shall I write next? Oh, I know. I suppose a more proper introduction is in order. However I do feel silly writing one because I feel a bit vain providing a big abundant bundle of details about myself! Yet, I never get tired of asking and answering questions about myself, don’t you?

Coming up next: My Self Interview!


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