A Postcard from Home

This is what home looks like where I am:
When I’m really lucky, on early mornings in November, I wake to scenes such as the one I photographed above.  This isn’t a nice stock photograph I posted off the internet.  This is a very real place.  It’s where I live. Well, next to where I live! My backyard is Schmeekle Reserve, a nature sanctuary, home to all kinds of wildlife and outdoor classroom for University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point students.  The lake pictured here is Lake Joanis, a 24-acre man made seepage lake that once sat on infertile land. It’s amazing to think that 40 years ago this place looked nothing like this!

I was prepared to give myself a “self interview” tonight but I did not anticipate how long it would take for me to decide how I was going to make this blog look. By the time it came time for me to get some self reflection brewing, my energy dwindled.  If I didn’t have any plans in the morning, I’d stay up a few extra hours to write.  Yet a mind refresh is in order.  I best have a lie down or risk writing poorly.

I am feeling lonely at the moment.  So I am sharing this postcard from home.  I will share a scene like this each week, just to give you a taste of what the world looks like from my view, where ever I am.

Some of my thoughts on being home:  No one expects to get lost when they are home.  Most people associate familiarity and security with being home. Is home where the heart is?  Maybe home is just the place where you can find your heart after being everywhere else in the world.  Home is the place to hide your heart, keep your life from getting stolen, save your love for a rainy day… When I stay alone behind the walls of this home of mine, secluded, in the shade of trees, buried in the comfort of my cat’s fur, I can’t imagine finding my heart anywhere else.  I want to be home all the time so much, that where ever I go, I carry home within me so tight that it must shine out of me.  I can be anywhere as long as I have home inside.  Having home makes me attractive and strong. Take me along for a ride, but bring me back home, and maybe you should stay a little while with me.  Home is the quiet pause after and before work.  The gentle place, the soft space, not just the launching pad or the safe landing, the one place no one can take away from you, even if you have to move.  No, home is not where the heart is.  The heart is home.  It is the seat of being and feeling. You can build it everywhere, as long as your love resides there… and waits for you to come.

Coming tomorrow night: My Self Interview, pt. One


2 thoughts on “A Postcard from Home

    1. Aw, Rachael! I betcha I can find beauty in Milwaukee. I wish I was there! There are so many friends there I miss, including you, girl. Count on me every Sunday to post a “postcard from home” and I’ll share the beauty I find everyday from home with you. It’s my way to reach out to everyone I love and maybe spread some love to strangers, too.

      There are times when I wished I never left Milwaukee, but you know why I left and how heartbroken I was. It has taken me several years to heal and I’m a much more whole, happy, and calm person now. I wish you the best, and, please, stay in touch! Someday soon I will make a visit, if only to collect hugs! I’m always your friend, dear.

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