Postcards from Home #2: Willow at the Shore

This is where I took you with me today:

I hope you don’t mind that I included myself in this photograph. I could not resist standing under the willow tree at the shore. If it wasn’t cold, I would’ve tested the water with my toes. I came almost too close to the water and a couple times the wind tried to steal my shawl. A few seconds later, a young doe darted out of the trail that runs along the shore. She was tiny, barely a yearling, and we looked at each other for a long while.

This was how the sky met the land this afternoon:

And this was how the sky above me began to darken just before my walk back inside:

On the trail out, I could not help but look up and admire the way the naked tree branches seem to appear like dancing partners:

Today would have been your kind of day. It was wet, but not raining. The sky was reluctant to let the sun break, yet what little poked through touched the clouds with enough gold and peach to make one almost forget it is November. It has been sadly quiet in the woods lately. The geese haven’t been visiting like they usually do. I think they found a better place to be. Occasionally I hear a lonely honk or two early in the morning, signaling to me that I have forgotten to go to bed at a decent time. These days I have felt the need to stay up and write and create and think as much as I can.

Because I don’t know when I will see you again, so I have to get everything out as soon as possible, as impressive as possible, just so you don’t miss anything before you disappear. Or what if I disappear?  I have to leave these little moments, like tender bread crumbs, behind me just in case… so no one forgets I was here.

But I fear these bread crumbs are too tasty and will be quickly devoured by all. I should plan on making more…


2 thoughts on “Postcards from Home #2: Willow at the Shore

  1. Isn’t writing a great compliment to art making Valentina? One always seems to have made the other more fertile for me, along with a little music as it seems for you. I like your willow lake lair, lovely.


    1. Thank you, Ben! Words from you are always a welcome blessing. I liken writing to drawing, drawing to writing. Words and lines are the same thing in my book. Poetry is my music. I sing with my words. You’re so right. Second to Oak trees, Willows are my favorite tree. This one along the little lake shore has really grown over the last four years. Each year its leaves and branches bend down closer over the shore. Now that November is here, the leaves are yellow, creating a lovely golden canopy! When even just a little sunshine pops through, it colors everything warm underneath. I had to set my camera just right to capture the colors. I am happy I got to share them with you!

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