My 41st Birthday: Thoughts, Dreams, & Goals

I do not know what to write. Today I turn another year older. I have reached my forty-first year in this life and I still feel like I am twenty, with a few minor annoying exceptions, such as my body complains a lot more than it used to, but I am working on making it … Continue reading My 41st Birthday: Thoughts, Dreams, & Goals


Postcards from Home #8: The Triumphant Sun

The sunshine leaves me wordless today... I wanted to be awesome, to share with you the most well thought words, inspire beauty and poetry out of you, make you sing with me like making love with me, and together we'd worship the sun and bask in all His glory. Yet I cannot be as grand … Continue reading Postcards from Home #8: The Triumphant Sun

Dancing with Swords

The metaphor of my life is dancing with swords. That's the harrowing act I am performing everyday, the attempt to dodge gracefully and balance sharp sabres on my head, hold them tightly as tools (not weapons) in my hands, slash the air without harming anything or myself, and bend over backwards gracefully, then stretch and … Continue reading Dancing with Swords

I am Afraid of Twitter, but I Long for Love

Call me anachronistic, eccentric even, but there are things about the 21st century I am uncomfortable with... Two of them being cell phones and this thing called Twitter.  Mind you, I include buttons on this blog to let friends share my posts in their tweets, so I'm not totally disinclined to using Twitter, I am just not … Continue reading I am Afraid of Twitter, but I Long for Love

Unicorn Girl, Shadow Self

She sang like a flower a flower made of song delicate and desperate perfume so sweet, so loud petals in sound moved by a honey wind Her throat long, reed thin, fur-trimmed tender as a leafy stem, lifted up head to the sky lips part into half a kiss ripe pink and open to sing … Continue reading Unicorn Girl, Shadow Self

Dream of the One-Winged Angels

From my personal dream journal December 5, 2011: I have been visited by women with half-shaved heads and one white wing for an arm. Their faces are very celestial, they dress in orange robes that fold and wrinkle over their bodies like the petals of a flower, and they move with odd grace. On a … Continue reading Dream of the One-Winged Angels

Postcards from Home #7: Chilled Cozy

Sometimes there seems to be no other time and place better than in my dreams to share and enjoy a fantastic adventure with you. But first I have to coax and conjure my oftentimes reluctant lover into my bed sheets. He teases me most when the nights grow sooner. He's not really a man, but … Continue reading Postcards from Home #7: Chilled Cozy