Postcard #13: Snow Daze

I like the way the wind seems to take form as it lifts the snow and howls through the trees. There is no way to escape the dance-in-the-face snow-snake-spirits that weave and wave off the roof edges. I barely feel the cold as I stand in the snow, ignoring how it spills into my boots … Continue reading Postcard #13: Snow Daze


I know who No One is

No One likes, leaves comments, darts through the pages of friends I once saw back when No One was someone I knew. She shows up, the shadow in my tea-cup, that little bit of froth at the edge on the surface, the burn on tongue-tip when I dare take that first sip. No One is … Continue reading I know who No One is

Postcard #12: Dolphin Wood & Smiling Pods

I find meaning in the small things. All the little stuff people pass by, ignore, or just plain don't notice at all. Even when I pointed out the smiling dolphin in this log of fallen tree, the men who were doing the chain-sawing paid it no mind. It was as if it were invisible to … Continue reading Postcard #12: Dolphin Wood & Smiling Pods

Personal Tarot Readings for 2012

I do several readings for myself at a year's beginning. I just posted the one card that will represent myself this year, now I will get to several much shorter readings that deal with more private concerns in my life. What I love about Tarot is that there are endless possibilities to be interpreted with … Continue reading Personal Tarot Readings for 2012

High Priestess: Personal Tarot for 2012

Each year I pick at random one Tarot card to represent myself for that year. For the year 2011 I chose Justice, for this year it is The High Priestess. The card I choose each year will tell me what challenges and blessings I can expect in the new year. ┬áThe card I pick will … Continue reading High Priestess: Personal Tarot for 2012

Don’t Forget to be Lazy

There are times when I am so caught up in doing all I can to be awesome, I forget to take a break and be reminded by a friend that what I'm already doing is awesome. Sometimes I do not allow myself to relax. I'm too busy worrying and giving myself a hard time. There … Continue reading Don’t Forget to be Lazy

Do We Have to Compete?

One thing that has always felt unfair to me, competing against an equally talented artist to win honor, power, prestige, favor and reward. Why? Because someone else has to lose in order for me to win. Or I have to lose in order for someone else to win. Most of the time it is the … Continue reading Do We Have to Compete?