Conjuring Summer Kisses

What tempting elixir should I concoct tonight? The moon is white alabaster cold but the air is deceptively warm, feeling more like an October evening and not this lonely January blue with the trees whispering in their sleep that it will snow. No lovers are dialing my number and there’s no trail of rose petals in my wake. My heart’s a wolf’s howl going unanswered. My friends are too far. My arms stretch but aren’t long enough to embrace them. I slam my fists onto the ice and dance away my sorrows anyway I can. Wintering alone means plenty time to practice for the longer summer days to come but still too far yet in the future. Why don’t I invite the summer back right now for a spell?

hibiscus earring-ed
glossed shiny with amber
and melting into a bath
my belly the attar pot of roses
Oh, sighing-sizzling nectar tangy ripe
strawberry split lips dewy shine
juicy halves of red delicious crisp
spread out the perfume and kiss me
kiss me you hummingbird magnet!
You, thick as honey wet melon mango
green and purple grapes bouncing
at my mouth wine deep sweet
beaded with rain and sweat
coconut milk iced cinnamon mint
chocolate bark dusted nutmeg
glittering raw sugar and salt
pineapple skin pricks like thorn
stabs softly into peaches in heat
figs buzzing with the horny wasps
bees dancing in swollen yellow pantaloons
bees’ knees, thighs as dangling lemons
and oranges, clementines on blossom-burdened branches
wagging hello in and out of the gaudy petals
so many petals in pinks, purples, whites, reds
like my lips kissing into the flesh of the watermelon
tender cool slurping wet as my first French Kiss
the lover deep inside me kisses me back on my ear
his whispers taste and tickle me back to age 14
the age when summers meant playing with the boys
running through the woods and discovering secret joys
his fingers are strands of gossamer breaking across my cheeks
I swallow him and he trickles down my throat and breast
finger nail tips into feather tips
tracing every curve, drawing a map
bringing me back to the woman I am and better
sun-ready golden and bubbling in the champagne
my lover is a little blonde spider spinning
a gold web chain around my waist and neck and heart
the sound of my pounding lust the jingling of jewel and coin
shimmying swaying dancing back and forth
like a peacock-ed sea-gull pacing the shore
trailing silk and sparkling like the night stars
deep into the night beyond the Tequila sunsets
carrying the party with me everywhere
you are with me, Summer, you’ll never escape me
the banana crush and tangerine kiwi pulp
liquid orgasm poured over ice
the flavor lingers and seeps into my skin
sliding down into a warm shiver
melting open every part of me
and every kiss of me
and on me
soothes open wide
the dawning awake


4 thoughts on “Conjuring Summer Kisses

    1. Thank you, Christina! I just HAD to do something to keep going in the dead of winter. Just got a dusting of snow with a promise of much more to come here in Wisconsin. So far it has been a warm winter. Yesterday I took some amazing early morning photographs of a bright red pink and orange sunrise. I hope to share that in next Sunday’s “postcards from home” !

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