Postcard #16: Medicine Cabinet

The nicest thing about being sick, is to be at home and not have to worry about being anywhere else. I can reach into my own medicine cabinet and pull out just enough for what I need. But I do not have just any old cabinet filled with prescription drugs and cosmetics, I have a … Continue reading Postcard #16: Medicine Cabinet


Goddess Portrait: The Cailleach!

I have a personal relationship with my Gods. Sometimes they surprise me in my dreams. Sometimes they give me "permission" to draw and paint their portraits. This time one of them wanted me to paint Her as a self-portrait of myself. I was mystified and challenged by this. ¬†Would I get it right? ¬†Dare I … Continue reading Goddess Portrait: The Cailleach!

Postcard #15: Goddess in the Woods

February at home has now begun to act more like February again. As I write, I am in blankets, hooded in a robe, huddled in front of my computer screen like a monk concentrated in prayer before an icon lit by candle flames. Words fail me right now. My thoughts run blank. I am not … Continue reading Postcard #15: Goddess in the Woods

Overcoming Whispered Bullying

I awoke at 4am today, tummy grumbling, heart heavy, and a mind full of dreams where I was fending off beautiful and dangerous butterfly winged insects from biting me. Those dreams are classic symbols of suffering from minor stress -- pesky little things bothering me, yet I managed to keep them from biting me, which … Continue reading Overcoming Whispered Bullying

Postcard #14: Puddled

What shall I share with you tonight?  Well, all the ice is melting as if every thing is weeping. The heavy snow has now all soaked the ground, full of pond-making, making me wish to fill it all with frogs. The roof is dripping and it all sounds like rain without the raining. Outside my … Continue reading Postcard #14: Puddled