Postcard #15: Goddess in the Woods

February at home has now begun to act more like February again. As I write, I am in blankets, hooded in a robe, huddled in front of my computer screen like a monk concentrated in prayer before an icon lit by candle flames. Words fail me right now. My thoughts run blank. I am not in awe. I wish only to speak in pictures. I must find a recent photograph that captures how it feels here right now. All I want to do is crawl in bed to draw and sleep. Outside is a world of ice and blue-black cold and hard snow pain. Next to the electric heat, my skin feels the dry sting. I can hear the song of the Winter Queen sing over the trees — a sound unlike the way the trees sway when in summer or spring — the wood groans, leafless branches squeak in the grip of the cold.

And then, as I page through the growing collection of photographs I have taken this winter, I finally notice her face… Why didn’t I see it before? Just a few days ago, I was compelled to take a photograph of the trees behind my apartment. I heard the wind howl and was just about to run back inside. Stung by cold, it is easy to decide to get lazy, and I was looking forward to just sitting around in my blankets. But the wind in the trees demanded my notice. I wondered if one of them was about to fall over. I stood for a moment to see which one was “speaking” yet then another swoosh of wind blew and more trees made that very sound. The evergreen branches shook off a fine layer of dry snow and I aimed my camera lens, taking several shots of what, as I later viewed on my computer, seemed to just be an image of several trees leaning over from the wind behind my home.

But in my boredom and chill tonight, my thoughts blanking out into ones later focused on magic and wonder, my eyes refresh and I see with dream-sight. She is there, that Goddess face, calm as a Buddha, pure as bliss, looking back at me, at you, at everyone… Just look a little closer. The wind moved the branches just right into the shape of her face. It may take a little while for you to puzzle it out right. Here is another shot, cropped as close as possible to the edges of the face, and framed just right.

Okay, so you may not see it. Yet some of you may. Let it be a gift. Be it from me or from the Goddess, a creation from my imagination, or a true manifestation in nature, or just a little coincidence — take, make, and nurture the magic when and where ever you find it!


4 thoughts on “Postcard #15: Goddess in the Woods

  1. I do see a face… how wonderfully whimsical!

    And you’ve captured that feel of a WI winter,… oh, how I remember huddling beneath any blanket I could find, yet still feeling the chill creep in through the cracks. The good news is that spring follows eventually šŸ™‚

    1. Oh, good, then it isn’t just me noticing the face! šŸ˜‰ It has warmed up a little today, yet that usually means we’re getting some more snow. Still, as far as winters go, this winter has been a mild one. I think if I went through a winter some place warmer, it would seem like I was missing something…! I don’t mind the cold much. It makes me appreciate the spring to come! Yay.

      Thank you for your kind comments. It’s nice to get a visitor here. I’ll be sure to blog more often. Lately I’ve been conserving the electricity to save on my energy bill. I have electric heat, so it gets quite expensive during the winter.

    1. Oh, wonderful! It’s one of the reasons why I carry around a camera with me everywhere I go, to capture the moments and things I don’t often see right away. I love coming home, getting on the computer, and discovering something new. I’m so happy you see “her” too!

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