Postcard #21: Rejuvenation

The green has made its debut outside as I produce and process words inside. Poetry wells up in me, too much to share, and the desire to dance is like having a sore back ready to be rubbed, or more like an itch I will enjoy to scratch. I must go out and answer the … Continue reading Postcard #21: Rejuvenation


The Last Time I Saw Her Face

Dear Mom, I do not remember what you looked like the first day of my life, but I will always remember what you looked like on the last day of your life. It still bothers me that you left on that sunny day, March 23rd 2010 (a day that would have been your favorite kind … Continue reading The Last Time I Saw Her Face

Postcard #20: Power Cracks

Hey, come over here! I have something to tell you. It's okay, I won't bother you too much. I didn't mean to get so emotional last time, or too excited, but I have to let you know something really cool. I finally got over something I was afraid of and it's made me very proud … Continue reading Postcard #20: Power Cracks

Twitter, Twitter, Little Bird bring me closer to my friends!

I follow that little blue bird Twitter now, hoping the tweets I release @ValentinaWeena will sweetly sing me closer to my friends. Previously I expressed panic over Twitter because I found it to be too fast paced, perhaps a little too much and too close to people and celebrities for comfort. I feared obsession, getting … Continue reading Twitter, Twitter, Little Bird bring me closer to my friends!

Checking My Words, Speaking My Truth

I do my best to accurately write, from my heart and mind, the things I understand to be true, and interpret, in my own words, what I believe to be true. ┬áTo the best of my ability I aim to present information I have processed, after much deep thought and study, here on my blog, … Continue reading Checking My Words, Speaking My Truth

Postcard #19: Loving the Lovers

Remember the time when I was jealous of lovers? I would see them walk by and seethed with hatred and anger. I felt it unfair that I didn't have anyone to pair off with. Now I can smile at them and can barely fight the urge to pinch their faces! There are two kinds of … Continue reading Postcard #19: Loving the Lovers

Where Witches Came From

"Have Witches always been evil throughout history?" The innocent and curious may ask. "If so," the ones who misunderstand say, "why call yourself a Witch since it is synonymous with an evildoer?" Some modern Witches suggest the witch as evildoer is a myth, that the term was never meant to be used to describe someone who … Continue reading Where Witches Came From