Postcard #21: Rejuvenation

The green has made its debut outside as I produce and process words inside. Poetry wells up in me, too much to share, and the desire to dance is like having a sore back ready to be rubbed, or more like an itch I will enjoy to scratch. I must go out and answer the wind!  This is perfect weather-drama to sway to and fro with layers of veils for mist.

I am dressed up for the day. Wish you were here. You’d see me ready for the dance. I used to never wear spaghetti strap tank tops, even in the hottest heat, but now as I move more to the heart beat of everything, I have to be arms-free!

I have to take off now. I am looking forward to getting my hair tossed and my skirt nearly blown off. The sun has warmed the roof and greets me blind in the eye. My gut is anxious, I can barely eat, my muscles pensive, all because I have no more excuses now to sit still, because it very much is spring!


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