Postcard #22: Familiar Spirits

I am short on words, full on thoughts. My hours are spent with the cat I call my companion. He is the familiar spirit at my side, or is it the other way around? If you ask him, he’d say I’m the familiar spirit, that he has me as the guide.

Let us share with you just a few images of how we’ve been getting along. Tomorrow I’ll have more to say. We’ve been too busy dreaming lately. In fact, as I type, Beethoven is playing on the radio, Jimmy Kimmel is on TV in the background, Mr. Snuggles is on the couch, I have a cushion under butt, and my head is nodding off, my body pulling me to bed, and I still feel like I need to do more in the house. This is all I can do on the way to sleep…

Forgive the lack of poetry. There is plenty waiting for me to edit in my bed. Even more art to sort through all over my bedroom. The days have been productive, but quiet and sunny. Nothing more to report.

Welcome to yet another day in our ordinary world!

Mr. Snuggles promises he’ll give you a hug if you ever decide to visit us, yet he still thinks it silly of me to take so many pictures of him.


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