Postcard #29: All That Blooms Under the Sun

Poetry has to wait today. My fingers hurt, wrists swollen, and, yes, I’ve done it again, over-extended myself and forgot to watch my posture while I did butt-loads of work. After a period of surrendering to despair, I got up to create, and, boy, did I excite myself to it!  So, I must force myself tonight to a bare minimum of typing. This means choosing more photographs from my neck of the woods to share with you this week. I had such a hard time deciding which ones are the best. This is a month for flowers. The blossoms are gone, local gardens are taking shape, and wildflowers in the woods are displaying their summer preview. And everything that blooms under the sun comes with this full canopy of green! Home now is well shaded under the trees I love.

I don’t have to pick these flowers to enjoy them. They are here now, always a part of home, no matter where I go.

Guess what each flower is!

As I end this collection of postcards from home tonight, I am comforted by the familiar sound of my neighbor calling after her cat. He has a habit, like mine, of leaping out the door whenever the front door is unlocked after anyone comes back home. Randy, more so than my Mr. Snuggles, is let out more often, so he’s always ready to escape, yet he doesn’t go too far. By the end of this month, I won’t hear that nightly call from my neighbor… her cute high-pitched cat-call and the squeaky-meowy protest from the kitty as she carries him back inside. Sigh! I heard my neighbor crying early this morning. I thought I was the only one pre-mourning her moving out, but now after finding out it is as hard on her to say good-bye, I don’t feel as silly.

This gives me the wonderful idea to put together a little going away gift for her… Yet what will I make? What will I do? Project!

Joy bounces back to me in welcome, unexpected ways.


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