My 41st Year Mid-Way Point Review

When I last wrote my reflections on my thoughts, dreams, and goals, it was on my 41st birthday and I was very depressed. Since that time, a few things have changed, got rescheduled, put on hold, and rearranged. We are just a week after Midsummer, I still have occasion to weep over events in the world … Continue reading My 41st Year Mid-Way Point Review


Postcard #34: …BAM! It’s There When You Need It

When reality unwinds, I seem lost to dream, and I cannot lift my head up anymore .... BAM! My strength bounces back like the Something Amazing in a circus act waking me up from dormancy. Suddenly, made aware how ordinary everything else was, I want to fade back into that place between worlds and wish … Continue reading Postcard #34: …BAM! It’s There When You Need It

Postcard #33: Where the Wild Iris Grow

You will be my death, and happily I shall be .... drowning in a sea of petals, soft as your fading kisses under waves of green blades, blackest earth and thistle, drifting in tall grass tides, met by chorus of frogs and flies When they dump my body, I will need no burial, no ceremony … Continue reading Postcard #33: Where the Wild Iris Grow

Color Lovin’ Found Poems

I am CRAZY for colors, design, and ART!  Not just obsessed with making my own, but really into looking for daily challenges to stretch my creativity.  Lately I've been naming new colors from palettes and patterns I create.  From these names, I can generate found poems.  Tonight I want to share some of those with … Continue reading Color Lovin’ Found Poems

Postcard #32: The Linden Tree Lover

I found a lover while you disappeared hidden within the Linden Tree... Like a featherfall into bed he was as I stood, making me lie down all night long filling me with his heavy honey sweetness I delighted delicate, crushed happily against his chest his chest soft and fluffy and white... his flowers blooming perfume … Continue reading Postcard #32: The Linden Tree Lover

Etiquette for Witches: How to Get Along with Family

Today could be Christmas, or Easter,  Mother's Day, or it could be any other holiday, or event, or just another get-together, and whether or not you're a Witch, Pagan, or green-skined Fairy Godmother, your family and friends invite you home.  They know how different you are and you know how much they wish you were … Continue reading Etiquette for Witches: How to Get Along with Family

Postcard #31: Looking for Heart’s Ease

I'm writing in the dark, or more like from out of the darkness, tonight in a lonely place, where I feel like everything I love is disappearing... For awhile I will forget about it, but the second a shadow falls, a flash of hope or memory caresses my cheek, and it begins again. It is … Continue reading Postcard #31: Looking for Heart’s Ease