Color Lovin’ Found Poems

I am CRAZY for colors, design, and ART!  Not just obsessed with making my own, but really into looking for daily challenges to stretch my creativity.  Lately I’ve been naming new colors from palettes and patterns I create.  From these names, I can generate found poems.  Tonight I want to share some of those with you, but first a little background…

If you look to one of my widgets at the right, the sixth one down underneath my archive, you’ll notice a list of patterns and color palettes I create at  Each day/week/month, artists at the site challenge each other (and me!) to color duels and pattern-offs — basically competitions to see who can create the most awesome palettes, patterns, shapes, and designs based on antique art, themes, poetry, you-name-it.  Each challenge gets harder and harder, but ever more enjoyable, and every result I come up with really sharpens my color theory skills.

Every day I get fan mail from other artists and random art lovers who peek in on my Twitter page who take a liking to my creations.  It is a boost, not just for my self esteem, but keeps me motivated to work on other projects, and tells me that once I do create more momentum in regards to my original artwork, I can really generate a good following and someday make a better living at what I love to do.  I discovered the site through Twitter via Themeleon; a site you can access from your own Twitter “edit your profile” page (if you have a Twitter page) to create your own custom color palettes and pick from thousands of original patterns created at by artists like myself for your Twitter pages (or download for any web site you use) for free.

The following was the very first color palette I created at the online designer’s community,, and the painting it was based on: “The Masque”.  From this very first palette, I came to see that each color had its own original name, and some colors I got to name.  Some palettes I created had colors that were named by other artists.  Placed together at random, the names fit together to create unusual, yet wonderfully fitting, found poems that sometimes tell a story.

altAntique Velvet Lace

Antique Velvet Lace revisited and altered:




Here are the found poems each palette generated (including links to the individual colors named):

Antique Velvet Lace

Pinched flesh
rose quartz
candy coat
soft rose
smooth journey

Antique Satin Lace

Chance encounter
pink blush
ice cream castles
Fleshed for fantasy

Her Blushing Cheeks

Solace in your voice
favorite mittens
as skin
Muted coral blush

A Show of Lace

vanished feelings
Lavender lullaby
Baby’s breath
Colony green
December sky


I just got another idea after writing this blog: the above found poems could also double for the beginnings of sentences, opening dialogue, beginning paragraphs, and so on for story telling.  Love it?  Like it and share.  And, hey, why not get in on the action?  ColourLOVERS is fun for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Color Lovin’ Found Poems

  1. Ok, you just gave me another time-waster. I swear I’m going to be spending hours playing around on that site. Love the found poems you created from your palettes – how cool is that?!?

    1. It really IS one of the best, most creative social networks I’ve ever joined and it’s one of my newest obsessive pleasures. Without it, I wouldn’t have such a nice distraction to keep me from moping over anything. LOL Plus, I’ve worked most of my life in clothing retail and I live for creating patterns I wish designers would make for people to wear! I get to play designer at that sight… and so much more.

      It’s just the most awesome way to generate ideas when nothing else is gelling.

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