Postcard #40: Lughnasadh Garden Glories

They are tiny still life home movie posters, these photographs I share with you. All around me there are so many little joys I find everyday I can't keep to myself. Everyday, as July grows into the first of August, my heart hurts open wide, like an egg cracking, firewood snapping, insect bite itching and … Continue reading Postcard #40: Lughnasadh Garden Glories


Broken Sword Nightmare

I had a nightmare last night and it has left me shaking all day long, so much so, I've made extra efforts to calm myself today. In it, a friend of mine, and several others, treated me not-so-friendly. Hence why I filed this dream into the nightmare category. The dream may only be a product … Continue reading Broken Sword Nightmare

Postcard #39: Nowhere, Somewhere

When I can't sleep, I pace, I can't stay inside, I embrace the blessing of being too much awake, and I walk into the sunrise. Mist and fog slowly pull away and leave tears in million beads behind... Tears clinging to everything like upside-down-rain-that-will-not-fall. I walk through it, taking a bath with my clothes on, … Continue reading Postcard #39: Nowhere, Somewhere

Postcard #38: Morning After Tragedy, In Living Colors

The colors of my first reaction burst in a hot rainbow of anxiety. My heart is hit, my head is hurt, the ache is sudden, my whole body slammed with the numb heat of panic, and my arms go heavy with emptiness. I feel as if one of my own has been attacked. I put myself … Continue reading Postcard #38: Morning After Tragedy, In Living Colors

Stories For You From Beyond My Drawings

I've always been inspired by the spot illustrations that are published in the pictorial archive collections published by Dover Publications.  Dover is my favorite publisher of art reference and vector clip art books.  I often sometimes think about what illustrations of my own creation I would donate to a pictorial archive. This month, to draw out … Continue reading Stories For You From Beyond My Drawings

Postcard #37: Hippy Kamikaze?

I started the second and third week of July doing some volunteer work I enjoy. The days I had to step out into the heat, I decided to wear one of my Guatemalan headbands. One of my favorites is a hand-stitched cotton band that folds out into a bonnet, perfect for days when I need … Continue reading Postcard #37: Hippy Kamikaze?

Is Hero Worship Keeping Me from Greatness?

It's too easy and tempting to hero-worship. It's harder and harrowing (hero-ing?) to make a hero out of myself. Is it impossible to achieve greatness when all you see is how great someone else's greatness is? That is the problem I fall into. Hero worship can prevent me from achieving and knowing my own greatness. … Continue reading Is Hero Worship Keeping Me from Greatness?