Postcard #39: Nowhere, Somewhere

When I can’t sleep, I pace, I can’t stay inside, I embrace the blessing of being too much awake, and I walk into the sunrise.

Mist and fog slowly pull away and leave tears in million beads behind… Tears clinging to everything like upside-down-rain-that-will-not-fall. I walk through it, taking a bath with my clothes on, let it seep in between my toes, soak my pants, and thrill to the way pine branches wet with the tears slap my face clean.

My early morning spa.

In the distance, I think I see the shapes of people. Yet this is nowhere, somewhere, and I am alone…  except for the hare darting back into the juniper bush behind me.

Hours from now the heat will wash all of this away, but in this moment, my moment, I spare a second for a thought of you, and soon it evaporates into a yawn and a care for my bed and I can smell my pillows already and I want to hold my cat. I am safe now as the sunlight grows. As I step back home, the magic is over. People are starting their cars and leaving for work. The spell of seeming like I am the only person left awake in the world is broken.

But my dreams have only begun.


2 thoughts on “Postcard #39: Nowhere, Somewhere

    1. I love it here! It’s my mission to find new spots, but I keep coming back to the same ones… because each morning there is a change, a bit of magic, like I just arrived right after some kind of party took place. That was the feeling I had that morning.

      Very comfy peaceful.

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