The August Heart’s-Ache-Art Starts Now

Starting tonight, I vowed I would write a poem a day and would draw a sketch a day. First I will start with the passion that provokes me to do this in the name of my God. I look at this green all around me and it fills me with such love, my heart aches with so much hurt, I am so in love and feel so blessed here. Look here and see where I am and know a little something of why I am here and why I long to share it with you.

I write from out of visions, just like I do sometimes with my drawings and paintings. I swear to you this one was given to me last night and would not stop “replaying” in my mind until I wrote it down. Only then could I sleep…

Before the Summer is done
                            In full Sunlight
                                  Under the Pale Heat of the Moon
                                                     I want us to make love
                                         during the days and all the nights
                                                                           As the Fall has begun
                                                      In the Full Bosom of Dead Leaves
                                              Under the Slumbersome and Naked Trees
                                                                            I want us to sink into a Most
                                                                                          Legendary Cuddle
                                                                                                       using only Our
                                                                                                                 bodies as
                                                                                                  against the cold
                               When Winter Spreads Her Deep and Frozen Shadow
                                                                  In the Growing, Building Snow
                                                                        Over the Slippery Ice
                                                                         We Shall Slide…
                                                             …You will take me
                                                        Into Your arms to
                               We will rub cheeks into fire
                    Sparkle and burn like stars
           like everyone’s heart’s desire
     Then, As Spring Unfolds
We Will Uncurl with the Green
        Bloom dew-wet, petal-sweat-out
                                           and into the source of seeds again!

I promised a sketch a day, and so I shall deliver, but I am also hard at work producing a playing card deck for a language preservation project, so just in case I miss a few days to post art and poetry on my blog this first August week, I have more than a few to show you…

Vamps are a favorite subject. They tend to bleed out of mind like drops of sweat whenever I’m busy doing anything pedestrian.

I’m always drawing and painting self portraits. I do this to better understand myself and to keep a record of my shifting moods. This series of self-observations are like different pieces of my personality, some I hide, some always put on for show. There is something new on my cheek now, an age spot in the shape of a running horse. It’s not hugely disfiguring, more like a weird freckle. It was much darker back in January. I thought it was a cancer because it was so dark. When I got it removed, it would not completely disappear, the laser still left a mark in the shape of the spot. I now consider it a “tattoo” given to me by the Gods. *laughs*

I don’t know who this is, so don’t ask me. I often draw from the imagination, or I draw from the life, or from magazines, or something I see on television. I think I got this impression of a guy from a number of sources — from the news, from missing a friend, from seeking a male ideal, to thinking about a character I might want to write about. Who knows? Perhaps if I finish this drawing, flesh him out a bit more, I might find out who he is? You never know.

This is the start of August. The time of year I plan all kinds of art projects. I almost don’t consider it part of the summer anymore. In a few weeks the students will be back. Heat wave will surrender to chill. My favorite in between warm and cold time is coming! Lugh has armed me with such great gifts in this life that to praise him, and to earn honor for myself, is to put them to great use. This is what I intend to do this month, and every month. Time for no more complaining, it’s time for work!

I hope I have a nice audience out there.  Let me know if you’re there.  *waves*


3 thoughts on “The August Heart’s-Ache-Art Starts Now

  1. Do you know I save your posts for last when I go through my feeds? I just know I’ll be reading a gem and I want to sit and take my time with it and not think about the 30 other posts I have waiting to be read.

    Love your poem – “a Most Legendary Cuddle” made me grin! And the drawings! Fantastic! And now that you’ve promised to write and draw daily, I’ll be here looking forward to whatever else you choose to share with us.

    1. Oh, really? That is so sweet! I wonder if anyone else does that…?

      I love that you like the “Most Legendary Cuddle” line. It just came to me, completely unedited, like a divine gift, made me feel more than happy to write it out there. I was not sure how it would be accepted.

      I write mostly in free verse and I experiment with poetry all the time. If I had my way, I’d write in poetry all the time.

    2. Today I’m going through my old posts. It’s been too long since I last updated my blog. I spent a long time away because I had to grieve. It wasn’t that I haven’t been writing, or drawing, I just felt drained. Now is the best time for me to come back and rediscover who I was and start afresh.

      A friend died right at the time I was going to blog again this summer. It’s going to be hard not to get his replies anymore, but I can “hear” his voice cheering, and nagging me, to continue on. “Where? When?” I ask.

      The answer I get in my dreams is, “why not where you left off and just roll with it?”

      Yeah, okay, I’m coming back! Thanks for all the great comments. Hope to connect soon. I’m going to write a new “about me” section first. Amazing how four years time flew by.

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