August Kiss Farewell

She’s almost gone, August
           almost gone, never quite left
           I know she will be back
           I just have to wait
           because sometimes she
           peeks out of other seasons, times
          so bright, August, she feels she will
          out last all of September right through October
          breaking into November, coaxing out of December
          especially these days when the heat is stubborn
          clings too long to the body, August the lady-child
          pushing you outside, pulling you come play
Yet the frost is threatening her
every morning the closer we reach the 31st
a coat of responsibility falls over the aging green
harvest days chill with dew drops dangle slow to fall
the deeper, darker nights confirm 
the white moths and fairies chase after the fire
in a frenzy, disappearing, burning, no matter warmth of day
August has grown, is growing, cold
            She is drawing her curtain
            the crickets and hornets hum less often
            the thistles bow, the willows bend far too low
            stiff wind slap to the face announce the end of the show
            the time when all begins display a touch of dry yellow
August puts down her garland crown for one of honey-gold
            the spiders, her favorites, weave gossamer death-trap tapestries
            listen!  can you hear their jaws, those spinnerets?!
            everywhere in their millions click-roar the jaws
            eight-leg symphonies, chorus of industry
            every year spiders produce the gown of the Summer’s End Queen
           quiet now, be still, and bow as she leaves…
           all through the forest, in the fields, along the road
           graceful-slow she exits with her long silk train
            dying flowers, leaves, insects stick to her rustlng, buzzing
But, August, she does not really ever go away
           with a wink like a star twinkle
           she sighs out invisible kisses
           you can smell them on the breeze —
                                         ripe crisp juicy apples ready for your bite.

for  Drew Jacob


2 thoughts on “August Kiss Farewell

  1. This is gorgeous, Val! I especially love that first stanza… just wonderful!

    I’ve always loved August, but I have to admit it’s no longer quite my favorite month. Aging and lower heat tolerance and I seem to suddenly prefer October with it’s crisp afternoons and fading light. But August will always be special to me too. 🙂

    1. Thank you! My personal favorite part is where I describe August’s gossamer gown. I could write so much more on spiders and gossamer alone. Especially after I once watched a video on the sounds spiders make while they make their webs in vast numbers, it’s really loud and oddly mesmerizing.

      I just love how August goes from really hot and sweaty to cool just as September turns. This year’s August has been dry and cold, very odd for up here.

      October is my next favorite, actually most favorite month, but, no… I think they are both my favorites. September just is an in between thing, can’t wait for that month to get done so I can get to October! 😉

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