Mourning Friendship

How can anyone who claims to love me and wish me well break my heart? I'm not the kind of friend who rejects. I believe in the good in people, I do what I can to support my friends, forgive them their faults, believe in them when they don't even believe in their self, stand … Continue reading Mourning Friendship


Why My Love is Constant

If my love is not enough to light your way through the dark, then let me be a conduit for the love of the Gods to shine along your way. I live in love, live for love, and love always. Every part of me hurts. Hurts out of love. I do not understand why a … Continue reading Why My Love is Constant

Good-bye, Romance!

When it comes to romance, I'm bitter. I've seen my fair share of loving relationships, mind you, it's just I have yet to truly experience the kind of romance I have seen other people have. Most romance is a performance, but do not misunderstand me for a total curmudgeon, I amĀ in love with love, I … Continue reading Good-bye, Romance!

Postcard #43: To Make Up for All the Lost Days

Forgive me for the days I surrendered this body to the wind. The days I lost my voice and forgot to sing. I did not realize you would miss me so much. Those were the days I took for myself. Days of a sacred silence so fragile, gossamer-precious, and so fine -- I wore it … Continue reading Postcard #43: To Make Up for All the Lost Days