Postcard #46: Home at the Shrine

There needs to be more shrines -- in every city -- on every block -- places of peace -- sanctuaries for silence, comfort, where I am embraced by Gods... Places of seeking, sharing, spaces of Away-from-Time and into Nature-Nurture. I seek a shrine nested in nature, un-interrupting the trees, a haven for birds and squirrels … Continue reading Postcard #46: Home at the Shrine


Why You Don’t Have to be Ashamed of Paganism

Do not judge and you will never be mistaken. ~Jean Jacques Rousseau If you are insecure about what you believe, much less what you practice, chances are you are losing your religion. Or perhaps the faith was not yours to keep to begin with? If you become embarrassed by the way your fellows worship, could … Continue reading Why You Don’t Have to be Ashamed of Paganism

The Old-Fashioned Mirror Spell

UPDATE: After reading about this love divination spell, be sure to read The Love the Mirror Predicted, or Sometimes True Love isn't a Lover -- it's what We Love Doing for the results of this spell.Besides performing my seasonal rituals during Samhain, I indulged in a little experiment last week that I waited all year-long to try. It's … Continue reading The Old-Fashioned Mirror Spell

Postcard #45: Celebrating Friendship!

"Friendship should not be mourned," They said. And when I say, They, I do not speak of People, or voices that may populate my head.  I talk of They that travel on the wind, whisper unseen, guide the lost when they stumble, and sometimes purr through the cat who shares my bed at night. "Friendship … Continue reading Postcard #45: Celebrating Friendship!

Postcard #44: My Samhain

This is MY season, the in between time that makes shivers and tests your wits, when you can dance with monsters and dress like ghouls and if people look twice it is to admire your costume, and if you're not looking weird, people wonder what is wrong with you. I love it because it's home to … Continue reading Postcard #44: My Samhain