The Old-Fashioned Mirror Spell

UPDATE: After reading about this love divination spell, be sure to read The Love the Mirror Predicted, or Sometimes True Love isn’t a Lover — it’s what We Love Doing for the results of this spell.

Besides performing my seasonal rituals during Samhain, I indulged in a little experiment last week that I waited all year-long to try. It’s an old-fashioned spell passed down from Appalachian folk magic practices and beliefs, much I am not experienced with, yet from what I remember when I was a teen living in southwestern Missouri, one spell stands out in my memory as being most potent. It was a genuinely spooky spell that passed down through generations of women seeking to know who their lovers will be (I use the term “lover” instead of future spouse because most often it foretells only who has an eye on you already). In another time that lover would be a suitor and, all too soon, girls’ husbands were not of their choice, and they married at a young age, taken away from their families to start ones of their own with men they barely knew. Knowing who will be your future mate ahead of time helped a girl prepare herself for the rest of her life — a much more important prospect than it is today. Today it is a frivolous, parlor game, akin to low magic than to high magick, to take a peek into a mirror and scry for a lover one may only have a short affair with.

The basic spell is one I learned at a slumber party, and I did not realize it was “real” magic at all. My friends and I really loved fortune-telling, especially Tarot reading, but trying out a thing where you plunge yourself into total darkness except for the light of one little candle was a spiritual adventure. What sort of visions would we see? Church pastors threatened us with direct trips to Hell for peeking at our Horoscopes, let alone daring to ask the Fates for a look-see into the future to find out who we might marry! This made the activity ever the more delicious to try. Kids love to dare each other, but they also seek experiences that challenge what is forbidden. I was a bold girl, obsessed with cute boys (um, still am!), and very curious. When someone told me about this spell, it was right up there with “Bloody Mary” and other urban legends, a thing that must be tested, something I can prove myth or truth, but mostly truth or dare.

The Hair and Mirror Divination Spell

The basic spell requires: a dark room (turn off all electrical lights and all other electrical equipment), one white candle (it should be the only source of light in the place, make sure the candle is a long-burning taper or votive that will not burn out during the course of the spell), and two mirrors, one large one big enough to see the top part of your body fully, and one small one to hold in your hand that you can use to see the reflection of the back of your head in the large mirror — both mirrors have to be ones that a woman (or a man, given that he has enough hair) gazes at herself everyday when she does her hair.

The day that is best to do this spell: midnight before Halloween or the midnight of Halloween.

What to do: You must comb your hair over your face til your tresses form a kind of veil over your face. You should still be able to see through your hair, yet still mask your vision a little. Use one hundred strokes to comb your hair. Count each stroke, don’t go too fast or too slow, pick a comfortable pace that will put you at ease. The act of combing (or brushing) your hair should be pleasurable. While getting through your hair, thinking fondly, but not specifically, on the kind of person you would like to meet. Sit in front of the large mirror with your back facing the large mirror as you stroke your hair. After you reach your one hundredth stroke, use one hand, your dominant hand (right or left) to hold your small mirror in front of you. Sit quietly and stare through your hair at the small mirror’s reflection of what is behind you in the large mirror.

What will happen: A vision or apparition of your one true love will appear behind you, staring back at you.

Did the Spell Work in the Past?

Did the mirror divination ever work when I was young? Yes and no. There are a lot of distractions when you are in a group of silly, giggling girls who, like you, are too excited to see anything other than perhaps what they want to see.

It was only when I was in college that I tried it again, with a few friends, as part of a joke, and  what I saw was not my fiancé! Yet the vision was also not a face I recognized as anyone I knew, or as anything real or specific, so perhaps I was too drunk to see a damn thing.  When I reached my early 20’s, the Hair and Mirror Divination Spell I thought superstition, however I discovered later that some Witches have used it successfully once they adapted it. In other words, you can make an old spell, even one based on superstition or legend, your own. You do not just follow the ‘instructions’ verbatim, you study the hidden meaning behind the legend that makes the spell, where it comes from, how you can make it work for you, change it to suit your fancy, and do a few ‘test runs’ before hand to see if it’s a spell that is truly doable.

I am a firm believer in “Magic is a practice, not a last resort! Use it everyday” because why learn and become an initiate in Witchcraft if you are not going to practice magic as a lifestyle? If I have a problem, I do not wait til the last-minute to page through a grimoire to help myself or someone else, I should be able to perform something on the spot when needed. Like every skill and talent, it requires practice and experience, and the more you do it, the better you get at it.

Another thing I’ve learned: A Witch needs to know what spells work and what do not. This especially comes in handy when you’re tempted to pick up that nice, glossy paperback book with the pretty Gothic-looking cover that claims it contains a never-before-revealed new batch of magic spells by today’s next popular author. After ten to twenty years of practicing Witchcraft, I should page through that book and quickly determine if it is junk. Libraries are full of books that are specifically published to exploit the young, curious, and gullible cowan (the uninitiated Pagan or Wiccan, or one who is a wanna be).

In this age of too much information and not enough guidance, it is no wonder we have such an over abundance of pop culture magic that only serves to pat the back of the soul, not truly empower it. I do not blame any one author for this, but consumerism itself for the trend. People like to make money, Witches or not, someone with magical knowledge can effectively market that to make a living, yet the selling of half-truths should lead the young soul to seek further study, however too many people want to be told what to do as opposed to finding out what to do for themselves. This has not changed over time.

Did I Make it Work Now? What are My Results?

I waited til Samhain to seriously do this spell, first out of keeping to tradition, and to honor the legend, as well as to see if performing it on the time advised to do so makes a difference. Previously this year, I tried it several times on different pagan holy days, as well as different lunar times (waning, waxing, dark, and full moon), once during the day, and at various different times during the night. I tried different mirrors. I tried with and without combing my hair over my face. All with varying degrees of visions produced, but none were of any human faces or forms. Like any divination practice, I found that the exercise helped me slip into a nice, comfortable trance state that made it easy to clear my mind and open my imagination to interpretation. All in all, I gave it all up to revisiting dreams of my youth.

But enter the celebration of my favorite holy day, Samhain 2012, right when I am most in the mood and at a time I consider a very spiritual time when I have the most success practicing divination, I did experience a vision, one most surprising to me, and one I’m not quite sure how to interpret at this time. I first cleansed my home, uncrossed myself, cleared my mind of any possible manipulative intentions (that required meditation), darkened my entire home except for one candle, and even let my cat participate by sitting in the mirror’s reflection with me (because he is in my life, too, so if someone loves me, they have to love my cat as well). With all that done, it paved the way. Like previous attempts, I had a hard time adjusting my small mirror to get the right angle to see behind myself without only capturing my own face. You have to hold the mirror somewhat above your head and at the larger mirror behind you directly into the pitch darkness. After moments that seemed to put my hand and neck into a strained position, the pain of holding that pose faded and the candle light flickered, casting shadows over the mirror to make them appear as if something is dancing behind me. Then the candle light became very bright enough to light up the mirror to give it a sort of glow. Looking at the reflection through my hair was like looking through a golden brown mist not unlike trying to see through the steam in a sauna. For what seemed like a full minute (or longer, I was unsure), I saw a face form, but I could not see who it was. The smile was overly exaggerated, reminded me of a Venetian carnival mask, or most like the comedy mask of the muse Thaleia.

My answer: Yes, it worked. Worked in the sense that I was given a vision. It may not have been the face of a man, or a person, but the symbol of something that could represent someone wearing a mask, or represent the profession, a costume, or some other sign to look for in the future that could lead me on the path to love.  Or a spirit may have been laughing back at me!  It could be the most simple answer of all:  Someone smiling!

I recommend the spell to others, but keep in mind that it takes adjustment.  If you are a man, you may want to not try to comb your hair over your face if you have short hair, yet do stroke through your hair for the recommended one hundred times.  However, if you are bald, you may want to try a different spell, or just try something else to veil your head.  Experiment.

Various uses to divine for other types of true loves that I believe can be adapted in this spell: scry for a new best friend, business partner, the next leader of a group, or any true and worthy person you want in your life, but at the base of it all it must be all about love, and you must have a clear mind.  A clear mind can be a hard thing to achieve because often our desires and needs take up our full attention.  But…  when one desire really bugs us, it is not a bad thing to use a little magic to get what we want.

Case in point: I once performed what was formerly a love spell to attract a lover, but I changed the focus of the spell to attract the perfect doctor for my psychiatric needs!  You do not have to use the love spell to attract a lover per say, you can adapt it to bring a different kind of person you need in your life.  My doctor is one of the coolest people I know, she even dresses like I imagined she might, wearing leather pants and a half kimono blouse during our first appointment!  She even decorated her office with Rococo and Japanese embellishments; two very unique styles that make me feel comfortable and ideas I let leak into my mind when I was thinking about what I wanted while dreaming of the perfect  psychiatrist.  She was even a horsewoman, too.  She was very much like I had special ordered her from the Gods.  That is how magic can manifest your desire, but you have to be careful what you ask for, and you better work for it.

Not all modern-day Witches make the best Oracles, we’re human and make misinterpretations. Sometimes it is up to the querent to make sense of the message they are given, and not all signs and omens make much sense, but the best Oracles are guides who can break it down in simple terms for the average person to understand without being condescending. Those of us who make divination our area of expertise, continually practice it, if only on ourselves, to make it of practical use for others, or like any study, a subject of fascination we seek to re-discover time and time again. A new revelation may be experienced, or a different experience may produce a new way to come to new revelations. The practice of divination, whether you believe it works or not, is not crazy, it is a way to enhance and broaden our perceptions through the use of archaic, and even modern techniques, to achieve inspiration for both the self and community. It does not always deal with seeing into the future.

The Hair and Mirror Spell I performed as per the traditional Halloween legend inspired by Appalachian folk beliefs, you can say gave me an inspirational vision, not necessarily one that produced a prophecy of new love. But maybe? I have a whole new year to see it unfold! I won’t go crazy-obsessive looking over my shoulder for anyone with the face of an exaggerated smile in a literal sense, but my immediate interpretation is that whatever is ahead of me is a very happy ending in an area of my life that has always given me misery.

What I’ll write about next:  Black Cat Power Part 2: Lore, Luck, & Magic
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30 thoughts on “The Old-Fashioned Mirror Spell

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have a question if anyone can help please

    Last night I casted a ‘ return to sender spell’ with black candle and mirror. This was my very first spell so I don’t know if I did anything wrong…. Almost at the end of the spell when the candle was burning at the very base. Everything popped broke. Even corelle plate I was using under the mirror broke… I mean mirror also broke and everything made a popping loud noise. I knOw that the stuff I was returning to the sender was very strong because they have made my life hell for 7 years now and all I did was prayers:( so my question is that I hadn’t had a chance to say that the spell is casted before everything broke. Is my spell casted?? or do i need to repeat the spell? are there any materials i mean metals, paper or anything else i should and should not use to make it potent? Should I bury the remains of spell in earth some where or it needs to go in water? Please advise… Thank you in advance

    1. I had a HUGE answer that was very nicely detailed but I turned away for a second and it was gone. GAK! So here’s my breakdown:

      June 23rd was a supermoon (a big, close full moon — there’s 4 to 6 of them that happen each year, last night’s was the closest and largest, yay) and it was in Capricorn. A full moon in Capricorn is great for doing magic to claim authority, to improve communication on the job, for overall work improvement, improve family relations, communicate with ancestors, gain power over your fears and depression, for better health, encourage stability, and to strengthen bonds and buildings (and other things that grow step-by-step) meant to develop, build, last.

      Lots of other awesome things were going on in the cosmos last night, and the tides were high, all great forces to make friends with while working magick. Even if the corelle plate and mirror you were working with may have been over-heated, I think it can be safe to say it was a pretty sure omen that what you did had a desired effect. Or perhaps the power you sent back was quite the S-bomb!

      I don’t think you need to re-cast your spell. But next time picking a New Moon, or waning moon would be a better time as those are more traditional times for getting rid of things that are bugging you. There are other things you can do to reassure yourself, but for now, let things be, turn your back on what you’ve done, and just let it be over.

      ALWAYS cleanse the remains with consecrated sea salt water (or holy water if you’re so religiously inclined) whether or not you bury or throw it in the trash. Also remember to make sure the remains will not harm the environment and local wildlife. Shiny silver shards will attract crows and other birds — don’t let them cut themselves!

      Good luck.

  2. Hi Ms Valentina,
    Thank you sooooo much for your precious insight and response. I know that the attacks I was trying to send back were very powerful and this is 7 years accumulated stuff which I had been only taking in and praying about. I really hope that it is successful. I will may be rePeat the return to sender spell this Saturday as you advised as it will be waning moon. And this time I will not put the candle directly on the mirror as I did last time. I was able to bury the remains of the spell in a wooded area by a tall tree so it wouldn’t bothere anyone. Thanks again
    Love and respect to you!!

    1. I wanted to mention, too, that repeating the spell is not necessary. I think you’ve done your part. Even if you have done a repeat (considering it’s Sunday right now), it’s up to you to take back your power now. Keep in mind that sometimes when we acknowledge people have power over us, we are giving them the power to keep us down. Changing the way you think about the situation will help empower yourself. Magic is a medium that allows us to create better change, and that starts with ourselves. I believe that quite often the spells we cast we are casting unto ourselves.

      Think on that. 🙂

      1. Hi Ms Valentina,
        I couldn’t repeat the spell 😦 I have been experiencing more psychic attacks, oppression, insults and slander from same people again and ongoing ;(;(;( I am that broken that I couldn’t find the energy to repeat it. I understand what you are saying but its not just my thinking. Its that the attacks are practically breaking me down 😦 the harder I try to get up the harder I am pushed down ;(;(;;(( don’t know what to do ….

      2. First of all, remember you’re not alone and I’m glad you are talking about what is going on with you. People who bully us means we are dealing with cowards. They are not as powerful as you think. They are only as powerful as we let them be. The pain is going to be there no matter what. Depression will beat you down and the anxiety is a reality that may follow you the rest of your life, but there is always hope, you can help yourself, you will find power.

        Writing to me, and tapping into magic, is a sign that you are already acknowledging you have power, and inside you know there are powers bigger than yourself and these idiots, power that you are connected to and are a part of that you can turn to at any time because it’s always there. Remind yourself of that. I know it’s hard. You can change your life. You cannot change what others do or think about you, but you can control what you will do about it, you can become your own hero. You have the power.

        It may not be your way of thinking, so perhaps you were fighting your own power when you did your spell. You can read into it anyway you like, it is a message between you and the gods as to what happened, I can only interpret what went down on the night you cast your mirror spell.

        You don’t have to repeat the spell. My recommendation now is for you to take measures to build your self esteem, take care of yourself, ignore the adversity that is sent your way by completely severing any and all ties you have with these people (if you can’t, or if they are bullying you daily, if you to report the abuse to someone in authority to make it stop), and protect yourself.

        One quick fix is to find yourself some lovely black tourmaline, a very dark stone you can find at a mineral shop, science museum, or local New Age store. Tourmaline can be very expensive if you find it in a jewelry setting, so see if you can find some that are sold raw and un-tumbled (unpolished). They will look like pieces of pointed coal. Tourmaline also comes in other colors, like a dark green that is very pretty and works just as well (it’s called Watermelon Tourmaline and also tends to be quite small). Use the tourmaline as a “worry stone” or wear it as a pendant, ring, what-have-you, to help protect you.

        Tourmaline naturally has this negating energy that calms overwhelming emotional energy, used by many psychics and magicians as a fetish (focus) to cancel out malevolent spirits. Other stones that work in a similar fashion are black onyx, jet, and smoky quartz.

        Another thing you can do is find a pendant or emblem of something holy that gives you comfort. Carry it with you close to your heart or hold it in your left hand. The left side has long been considered the side where people receive energy, with the right side being the side of your body that projects energy. You want to protect the left side first so you are not as “hit” as often with the negative energy of others. Carrying a symbol of the Divine will tap into your power of faith — the power you don’t think you have but is alive inside you at all times — so before you can get to the point where you can stand on your own, this is a good, magical way to empower yourself.

        The harder people try to push you down, the more energy they are pushing out to keep you down. Don’t make it easier for them by letting yourself down. You *do* know what to do…

        Get up! Keep getting up!

        You’re not alone. I feel the pain of people’s insults, slander, lies, gossip, you-name-it ALL the time — anyone who is different and weird is cursed with that — and I have gone through breaking-point after breaking-point yet somehow it’s never breaking, it’s all about bending and bouncing and rising up again. Because you know what?

        Doesn’t it piss you off? So calm down. Knee the bastards in their throats by letting go of the hurt they’re dealing you. You’re stronger than their shit, right? Find the way to believe in yourself. Consider the years of pain you’ve been going through as your “tempering” — you’re being sharpened, hammered, pushed into steel to become like a sword so no one in the future can mess with you again.

        Go and be well!

      3. Thank you for your words of encouragements. I have been wearing black tourmuline for a year now on my left wrist. I have been looking for archangel Michael charm for some time now but live in a small city so new age supplies are scarce. I will act on your advise the best I can. Thanks again
        Be blessed

      4. You’ve given me an idea… to write some simple spells that don’t require much time or fancy ingredients to help people in situations like yours. I’ve been in your boat many times over, including in my life right now. Mostly it starts with changing your own outlook and that takes training and learning new coping skills. Not easy.

        But I just wanted to give you plenty of encouragement and reassurance. You have to believe in yourself more than you believe in others.

        Some witches say “Do no harm, but take no shit” and it really rings true. I’ve said a prayer for you and hope you’ll be well!

        Goddess Bless.

      5. Hello there,
        Thank you so much for your response. Barely hanging in there 😦 it will be really good to try some of your spells. Thank you for your encouragement. You are right about the saying you had mentioned.
        Lots of respect to you
        Be blessed

    1. I’m sorry that your love left you. We all suffer from broken hearts. But to cast a spell against someone’s will would violate the laws of love.

      Think of it this way: what if the situation were reversed? What if you fell out of love with someone and your ex used “black magic” to force you to come back to them against your wishes? Would you want to go back into a relationship you didn’t want to be in anymore?

      If you truly love someone, you have to let them be. Any kind of action taken to force them back is akin to the sort of creepy thing a stalker or kidnapper or rapist would do. Casting magic is an action the same as going out and casting a net is — would you really hire someone to kidnap your beloved and force them to marry you with a shotgun to their head? Somehow I don’t think that’s what you intended.

      Think about it.

      If they are your true love, they’ll come around. If they don’t… As the old saying goes, it wasn’t meant to be. The best magic to do next then is to ease your stress and pain in order to find love again.

      1. But do they want to marry you? You can’t force anyone to be with you if they do not want to be with you. No love spell will draw someone against their will to be with you. A love spell only makes you more attractive to other people whom you want to like you, people that are like you — because like attracts like — but, if, for example, your ex already wants to get back together, maybe they’ll be open to you. You may not need any love spell to do that. All you have to do is approach them again and re-engage them socially as you would normally. If they are already with someone else, forget it. Or if they continue to show you disinterest, please let them go. It’s not right to hang on, you’ll only put yourself through a whole lot of misery. I’m sorry.

  3. Very true about most spells. I’m not a wiccan but I am 1/16 Earthly God. you don’t belive me it’s your loss then. but I do like the article about divination. and that’s a new fact I’ve now learned about witchcraft. tip #1: real spells have poetry of grace into the words

  4. I am curious how many withcraft works (in %) come to fruition.
    None of mine did. Probably you’ll say just like priests of different religions when people ask why they prayers were not listened : ” because you did not trully believed ”. I’ve heard this clichee in magic too. Actually I always believed , just like a child and nothing came true. I tried so many and so different . Not only love spells but for health and other things too…They were realistic and I worked hard for them in the mundane world too. 0 results.
    Well, I already waited for decades , I cannot wait anymore. Any idea?

    1. I would say that perhaps the Witchcraft path isn’t for you. If something isn’t working, or doesn’t feel right, then move on, try something new. The great thing about it is we’re not going to condemn you for leaving this path! I’m a Witch and there’s no “preaching” here. I especially do not adhere to the belief that things didn’t work because you just “didn’t believe hard enough” as if your prayers were left unanswered by God.

      Magic doesn’t work by belief alone, nor by the waving of wands, or tricks, herbs, etc., but by the actual following up, and if things aren’t working as expected, perhaps it was not meant to be, OR your were not performing the RIGHT spells the correct way! What were you trying to do? Were you working against someone else’s fate or wishes? Were you attempting to do something against the laws of nature? Magic works with science, psychology, spirituality — for instance, if you were casting a love spell, you’d be casting it upon yourself not on someone else, to make yourself a magnet for a lover, not necessarily manipulating a person to come to you, but attracting a “type” of people towards you with the use of sweet perfumes and wearing bright colors, etc., all the while this increasing your chances for true love.

      In my experience, when I perform magic, it’s far easier for me to gain great success when I do it for other people because they truly believe in me. When I do it for myself, I have doubts, and I suffer from depression. Depression is a serious magic and mind killer. But it’s not impossible to work magic when you’re down. Nothing’s impossible. Yet when you get into it with an attitude for instant gratification, or that mood where you think the universe owes you favors because you’ve had hard luck, you won’t get results like, well, “magic”!

      I will share with you something: I’ve worked love spells for myself and NOTHING comes true for me. I found out why. Over the years I realized that I really did not want to date anyone. Not because I was sad, or could not get over the loss of a love, but because I really like being on my own. I do not like the hassle of dating, I don’t need a partner, and in my country/culture women are very independent these days, we are empowered, and I am enjoying a life of freedom my mother didn’t have. I don’t have the responsibility of children! Sure, I get lonely from time to time, but I have lots of entertainment and work I love. When I was young, I was desperate for true love, thinking it was something I needed to complete my life, but what I needed was to be a whole human being, and I could not get that by clinging to another person.

      My Mirror Spell was fortune-telling magic, it meant for me to take a peek and see if I could find a clue that would lead me to a true love. What you get from these kind of spells is some vague imagery, like seeing into a dream, and it was up to me to determine the outcome of my own magic. You make the reality! Results are always a tad unexpected, even weird, and in this case I learned something about myself, and my future.

      Do not think of things in terms of whether or not Witchcraft will “work” or that it has failed you, or that you failed to believe enough to make it work, think of it all in terms of this is your life and it is in YOUR hands — you decide what next step to take, don’t put your power into anything and ask for it to work for you, you know you can control your reality. So stop giving your power over to forces you THINK are following you and chasing away your opportunities. Of course you can’t wait anymore.

      I think you answered your own question. Any idea why your magic didn’t work?

      You waited for decades. You were not supposed to wait. You have power. You can get up, get out, get moving, improve your lot. I believe in you because you told me you can’t wait anymore. That statement says you’re about to change for the better. That’s change happening. That’s you really putting change to work. That is the heart of magic.

  5. My parents when they got married were hated by someone and since then we lived 40 years of extreme bad luck, unhappiness and terrible strange events happened to us all the time. Events that usually cannot happen just to one family. So black magic is not likely to fail, in fact it can be extremelly powerfull if done well. My father died a horrible death. People run away from me, altough they first like me and want to be with me, then they tell me how strangely bad they feel arround me. In my country, they say that there is a horrible ritual called ”the dead water ritual ” when you want someone to be hated by people; no matter how nice , polite and good that person is, the people will see the opposite. That’s how they see me. It’s not paranoia, I went to psichologists and they found nothing wrong,so from psichological point of view I am fine.
    I’ve worked hard to learn magick alone, because in my city and country this is taboo, I cannot find a coven or a witch to teach me. I corresponded online with a English Wiccan writter, not Mrs. Easson, another one, succesfull too and she told me what to do for some months, then she said that it’s not possible to teach online how to raise and use energy ,that she must be close to me…I think she is right, so how am I suppose to do it alone? To relocate abroad ? There must be some witches here too, but they do it secretly . I am talking about real witches, not fraud people who do nothing, just take money.
    So, what to do ?

    1. First of all, I am so sorry your parents were hated so much, and that your family suffered from tragedy, but from what you tell me, there was something that could not be touched by the evil that hurt you: you survived and are learning to become a strong, good, empowered person.

      Secondly, there is no “black” or “white” magic, just like there is, technically, no “white” or “black” electricity, there is simply “magic” — like every thing, it is a “thing” you do, both a noun and a verb, a force of nature and a craft. Not everyone is well versed at it because not everyone has a true sense of will power and how to push it on others, and knows how to manipulate natural elements and persuade spirits, or thought-forms, to work with them to produce changes in nature that cause things to happen to people for good, or ill.

      Also, if you continue to believe and cling to the ideas that your family is cursed, and that there is a negative force around you that pushes other people away from you, this will build throughout your life and you will feed that energy. In other words, a curse will work as long as you believe in it. You can free yourself from this negativity, all you have to do is let it go. It follows you because you are holding on to it and can’t forget it.

      When you went to counselors, and you were told you weren’t mentally ill, and still people leave you isolated, perhaps it’s because you are different? You were born into a family, after all, that has survived horrible tragedy, and this will make people feel badly for you, making them uncomfortable with how to react. I would conclude that this is the real reason why you’re experiencing difficult social situations. Any mentioning of the “dead water ritual” will further scare everyone away. I know that, in any culture, when you start talking about such things, people get spooked, or they will think you are crazy.

      As for learning Wicca from a distance, it’s possible, but I think you may have missed something your teacher told you, something that got lost in translation… There is only so much you can learn from books, or on the internet, and I believe your teacher may have felt that you needed more personal instruction in order to bridge the communication gaps between you.

    1. Thanks for writing! There’s a lot out there that works for divination. What you need to find is something that you’re comfortable with– try playing cards, Tarot, or any fortune telling cards out there with some instructions first. I wouldn’t suggest that someone who isn’t familiar with Witchcraft to just start a ritual for divination right off the bat. Do something simple and comfortable. Find out if it’s right for you. If it’s not “in the cards” for you to pick up on anything about your own future, it’s okay.

      The act of Divination — “divining” or seeing beyond — is not really all about seeing into the future, it’s more about seeing the present and the past. You will find out more about yourself, things you already know, than about other people. Picking up on the future? Predicting the future depending upon what is going on right now. What you are doing now can determine that.

      You don’t need magic spells to do something as simple as that. Good luck with your findings!

  6. Hello Valentina, Hope you are doing good…? I need a spell which can get Memory work ( i mean photographic memory or when we touch any book to get all the information in it ) like that if any spell is there please teach me and let me know how to perform it. Awaiting for your response.

    1. Thanks for your request, however it’s not a realistic expectation. You cannot magically will yourself to have photographic memory, just as you cannot take a “magic” pill to obtain photographic memory. You are either born with it, or not. The only way “real” magick works is to work within the laws of nature, not supernature. This means that magick (I am spelling “magic” here with a “k” in order to differentiate it here from stage magic), the kind that is an art, an act of ritual change, a practice and craft that you can use to improve your mind and body — it can only be done slowly. There is information out there already on how to improve memory, but no magic cures. I can’t offer you anything you can’t already find in a book, or suggest really anything as I do not have perfect memory myself! LOL All I can guide you is to keep reading and studying — memorization is HARD. Yet with practice and meditation, you can achieve a lot. Good luck.

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