Postcard #48: Is This How the World Will End?

Is this how the world ends… without you and me
in this space and time, empty and white, swiped
cut out, placed apart, singled, buried in silence
in years lost in between little deaths lined up
without funerals or celebration
no going-away parties
recognitions, torn in ribbons
covered in coats of snow, lumps of sorrow
unknown, gone without explanation, without story
if there is hint and talk, it is delusion-definition
signs of illness best ignored, abandoned
any stirring is disturbance, better left wounded
one person left hurt is best than others left disillusioned
‘we cannot let the world believe the world will not come to an end’
This is how the world ends, without belief in The End
without you and me participating
in this suffering-fighting-looking-forward
without you and me anticipating
damage and cracking-down, the fears
that separate us from
I and You loving

and will we ever love?
with all the stuff we throw down
people, too, between us, the tales
we tell to entertain at a truth, to serve
and sever-why’s we came apart, can’t be again
serving useless ways to burn the bridges over the rivers
waters that flow us into each other time over time anyway
where ever we leave we are part of each other, un-denying
the ends where roads lead to home and worlds begin.
Is this how the world will end… without us?
without enemy, envy, remorse-guilt-pitying me all the time
blaming and pointing out every flaw and searching for
means to make amends and ways to break things to fix
things all over again we collect to save, to feel, become the Hero
I want a world ending without need for Heroes
just you and I, friends, equals, playing, dancing
no picking or critiquing
longing for just the talk
the share of a drink
the joy of a walk
Let the world end
for all those who seek apocalypse
let those who feel lost save each other
my tears will end
when I’m out here
in the woods
with a friend.

4 thoughts on “Postcard #48: Is This How the World Will End?

    1. Yes, my dear, I definitely did. I’m not lauded, but I am a poet and I write my own rituals. I am working on a Witches’ prayer book, one specifically for dealing with depression. I hope next year I will get to share it with more people!

  1. This is beautiful. The grand eloquence in tragedy, the open and bared heart, You spoke of the end as if you could put a character to it, as if you could converse with all the elements that may be causing it. And above all, I loved that you boldly put a finger on the real apocalypse: the burning of bridges, the descending coldness, the emptiness, illnesses–none of which are literal, but figurative. I believe in the same things.

    Glad we made it across. 😉

    1. Thank you so much. That was exactly what I was communicating. The really Real Apocalypse is personal made impersonal. I can write about it as private experience as well as how it is as a human condition over all.

      You are welcome here! Stay in touch. I will be writing more just in the wee hours before 2013.

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