We Carry Them With Us, Always

I don't know where to begin, except to start at the trail of my tears, and trace back to a place of calm, somewhere where I can recount a time when maybe there was a time when I sincerely felt solace in this space.  I cannot find it now except in this inner temple where … Continue reading We Carry Them With Us, Always


I’m Not Laughing, But I Will Smile for Robin

When I heard about his death, I knew it wasn't a joke. Yet, like the song, it seemed like he "started a joke that sent the whole world crying..." Oh, Robin, sweet Mr. Williams, I wish that one smile of my own could have kept you alive. But no matter now that I'm not laughing, … Continue reading I’m Not Laughing, But I Will Smile for Robin

Mr. Snuggles’ Last Day

I sing of sweet loss and the pangs of love. I sing of missing my closest friend. I sing the longing song of wishing he were well and alive again, with me like he used to, here beside me while I'm at the computer, at my pant leg, poking me with his claw to remind … Continue reading Mr. Snuggles’ Last Day

Postcard #48: Is This How the World Will End?

Is this how the world ends... without you and me in this space and time, empty and white, swiped cut out, placed apart, singled, buried in silence in years lost in between little deaths lined up without funerals or celebration no going-away parties recognitions, torn in ribbons covered in coats of snow, lumps of sorrow … Continue reading Postcard #48: Is This How the World Will End?

August Kiss Farewell

She's almost gone, August           almost gone, never quite left           I know she will be back           I just have to wait           because sometimes she           peeks out of other seasons, times          so bright, … Continue reading August Kiss Farewell

Postcard #31: Looking for Heart’s Ease

I'm writing in the dark, or more like from out of the darkness, tonight in a lonely place, where I feel like everything I love is disappearing... For awhile I will forget about it, but the second a shadow falls, a flash of hope or memory caresses my cheek, and it begins again. It is … Continue reading Postcard #31: Looking for Heart’s Ease