My true calling is Art. I make spiritual art. I am best at book illustration, ink drawing, watercolor painting, and digital photography. If I have a vision of a Goddess, I will recreate it as best I can using any medium available. I do a lot of self reflection and most of my work is autobiographical. I have found the Gods within myself. I find the Gods shining within the people I know and love. I even see the Gods in animals and in nature. I like to draw them out in portraits and sketches, always seeking to bring the unseen out, not to amaze people, but to get them to appreciate the mystery they are missing…

Below are a few examples of my work.  Let this be an appetizer. There’s a lot more for me to share, but not enough room for me to show you everything.  I’d fill you up with too many visuals, you’d be dizzy! I’m very prolific. The life of a Solitary Witch affords me great opportunity to work without interruption, plus not having much of a social life helps.  *giggles*  Please enjoy.

Goddess Isis with the Wings of Eyes, 2005
Watercolor and ink

Based on a true life near death experience I had when I was at the cusp of my 18th birthday, December 30 1989. Isis saved me from a suicide attempt and appeared to me as above. Being in Her presence was pure contentment and bliss, but when she sent me back into my body, it was a shock. “You have work to do,” She said. She was right!

Valentina the Selkie (Self Portrait), 2008
Watercolor, Arcrylic, Ink

Spirit in the Woods, 2002

While on Beaver Island, I saw this figure in the woods. It was a protective spirit, not very friendly, keeping an eye on people as they walked by. It unnerved me because it was not human-looking yet it tried to act and appear as such, as if it knew I could see it and didn’t want to alarm me. I had to record the vision!

Mr. Snuggles the Cat, 2010
Watercolor and ink

This is my feline companion and little lover, the irreplaceable Midnight Angel and Witch’s familiar extraordinaire, Mr. Snuggles!

Prayer to Juno, 2010
Pencil drawing in personal sketchbook

Meditation on the Goddess Nuit, 2009
Pencil and ink drawing in personal sketchbook

Hathor, 2000
Ink drawing

The Descent of Diana, Rise of Lucifer (from Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches), 1999-2001
Pen & Ink drawing


A painting of mine that I wish still existed:

Portrait of my Grandmother Margaret Kaquatosh, 1994-5
Oils on broken door, mixed media

This photograph is all that remains of this painting.  I lost it during late spring 2001 when I moved to Milwaukee.  My brother accidentally threw it away thinking that I had abandoned it.  Sitting before the painting was my altar around New Year’s Eve 1999.  Part of me wonders if someone found it in the trash and now it sits somewhere… waiting for me to find it again.  As for the spirit of my grandmother, she’s never gone.  Paintings don’t last, but souls are forever.



8 thoughts on “Gallery

    1. Thank you! I’ll post more work later on in the blog, too. The Spirit in the Woods was so silent, I wish I could see it again and find out more about it. This is why I like to spend a lot of time in the woods. To talk to the spirits! I only wish they’d let me illustrate them more… They like to pop out every once and awhile, but like people, they don’t always like to be “photographed!” *winks*

    1. Aw, I’m not that scary! In fact, people prefer I walk with them in the woods, especially when it gets dark because they feel safer with me around… just in case we run into a ghost or bear or who-knows-what! I once had an Iraq war vet hide behind me when he got scared of something moving in the dark. Very silly.

      The Selkie painting is actually a self portrait. I live up in North central Wisconsin where it gets very cold and dry. I nickname it “the little tundra” because the winters tend to get long and boring, so sometimes I feel like that, like I’m half selkie sitting out in the sun on a block of ice!

      Thank you for checking out my art. I’ll be posting more more often soon. Be sure to check my blog every Sunday for “Postcards from Home” — a little project where I share some of my photography, usually one or two images from my home in Wisconsin, and write my innermost thoughts to friends faraway. Many of my pals are scattered all across the world and this is my way to keep a connection to them, as well as just share the beauty I discover everyday from where I live with any stranger who happens to discover my blog. Yay. Enjoy!

  1. I suspect I know your Menominee family. I am glad to have visited your blog and have wandered around it for awhile. This is interesting, dynamic art, and the blog is an interesting, dynamic blog. Your lifestyle may be different from mine, but I know a little about Celtic religions particularly, and your perspective is a valid one in a world with too little spirit and too many things that have little meaning.

    1. You probably do, Thomas! In fact, your name to me sounds very familiar, too. Thank you for checking out my blog and appreciating what I have to say. My life is a spiritual one full of heart. I’ve learned a lot from many different cultures and ways, but I also stay true to my Menominee heritage. It often saddens me how much I notice how much people in this world ignore the little meaningful details — they miss out on so much! I don’t know how they cannot notice. So sometimes I feel it is my obligation to bring things out into the light, with the spirits’ permission and grace of course. I’ll continue to update this blog as much as I can. Sometimes it takes a long while for me to finish my artwork and really work out my words, but I promise it will be worth the wait in the end. Thank you, a million times, thank you, and please continue to visit!

    1. Thank you! I wish I still had that painting. It was accidentally thrown out when I moved long ago. A relative’s mistake while packing. I don’t know why they thought I didn’t want it, but stuff happens!

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