Simply Grateful

Today I am grateful for all the things I over look, take for granted, grateful for the ground underneath me staying still and solid, for the sky above me remaining calm, that I am in good health and so is my cat, Velvet. Even though I have zoned out today, letting time skip in a … Continue reading Simply Grateful


I Am My Cat’s Familiar

Changes, upheavals, under-heavals, transformations... We are undergoing, over-going, going-through them at my home right now. All I want to do is finish this cycle and ease out towards a future, one right now I cannot see, but wish to hope for. Wish to hope for? It's too dark in here to see over the hump … Continue reading I Am My Cat’s Familiar

Will This Pain Ever Cease? If I can Help it

I need to confess something, no matter how ridiculous, why I do not update my blog often this year, something I am reporting to you tonight because it causes me too much distress, and I can't take hiding it anymore.  Maybe you can understand.  Maybe this will make me out to sound crazy.  Or maybe, … Continue reading Will This Pain Ever Cease? If I can Help it

Postcard #45: Celebrating Friendship!

"Friendship should not be mourned," They said. And when I say, They, I do not speak of People, or voices that may populate my head.  I talk of They that travel on the wind, whisper unseen, guide the lost when they stumble, and sometimes purr through the cat who shares my bed at night. "Friendship … Continue reading Postcard #45: Celebrating Friendship!

Why My Love is Constant

If my love is not enough to light your way through the dark, then let me be a conduit for the love of the Gods to shine along your way. I live in love, live for love, and love always. Every part of me hurts. Hurts out of love. I do not understand why a … Continue reading Why My Love is Constant

Postcard #35: Missing

The Weeping Willows do not weep, they only droop... Droop.  Drooper. Drooper-Trooper. Just like the nick name I gave a friend. I miss that friend. I miss him like a limb I had to cut off, not so I could survive, but so that the limb could be happy and free... So I could watch … Continue reading Postcard #35: Missing

Postcard #28: Another Mother’s Day Without Mom

I almost did not write anything today. I almost did not sleep. My heart was sore with the familiar ache I get when I desire something I cannot touch. No matter how much I can hear and sense the beyond, I cannot break the veil, only try for a reach. I stretch out my arms, … Continue reading Postcard #28: Another Mother’s Day Without Mom