Simply Grateful

Today I am grateful for all the things I over look, take for granted, grateful for the ground underneath me staying still and solid, for the sky above me remaining calm, that I am in good health and so is my cat, Velvet. Even though I have zoned out today, letting time skip in a … Continue reading Simply Grateful


In Case You Forgot

If ever any friend of mine has ever felt I talked over them, ignored them, told too many stories that weren't true about them, grabbed at them too much for their attention, made them feel second best, or that I shoved them aside because I had something else going on that was more "me-centered" and … Continue reading In Case You Forgot

The Love the Mirror Predicted, or Sometimes True Love isn’t a Lover, it’s What We Love Doing

Sometimes the spells we cast, break, especially the ones we cast upon ourselves, and perhaps righteously so because what we want to happen isn't meant to be.  Or so I thought.  As an experiment, the very last love divination spell I cast was on Samhain 2012, it required the use of a mirror, and behind … Continue reading The Love the Mirror Predicted, or Sometimes True Love isn’t a Lover, it’s What We Love Doing

Postcard #45: Celebrating Friendship!

"Friendship should not be mourned," They said. And when I say, They, I do not speak of People, or voices that may populate my head.  I talk of They that travel on the wind, whisper unseen, guide the lost when they stumble, and sometimes purr through the cat who shares my bed at night. "Friendship … Continue reading Postcard #45: Celebrating Friendship!

Why My Love is Constant

If my love is not enough to light your way through the dark, then let me be a conduit for the love of the Gods to shine along your way. I live in love, live for love, and love always. Every part of me hurts. Hurts out of love. I do not understand why a … Continue reading Why My Love is Constant

Postcard #35: Missing

The Weeping Willows do not weep, they only droop... Droop.  Drooper. Drooper-Trooper. Just like the nick name I gave a friend. I miss that friend. I miss him like a limb I had to cut off, not so I could survive, but so that the limb could be happy and free... So I could watch … Continue reading Postcard #35: Missing