The Message of Goddess Fortuna

I live a life of devotion. I love my Gods. Sometimes they talk to me in my dreams.  Since today is a very auspicious day, dated 12-13-14, I thought it appropriate to finally post a dream conversation I had with the Goddess Fortuna.  This is a re-post from my old Mindsay blog.  So posting this … Continue reading The Message of Goddess Fortuna


Magic and Loss

This midnight is better than last year's This midnight is better than when you last appeared This midnight's better when that old friend disappeared This midnight's better because the spirits' near and cuddling And Lou sang: "*Magician, Magician take me upon your wings and ... gently roll the clouds away I'm sorry so sorry I have … Continue reading Magic and Loss

Postcard #46: Home at the Shrine

There needs to be more shrines -- in every city -- on every block -- places of peace -- sanctuaries for silence, comfort, where I am embraced by Gods... Places of seeking, sharing, spaces of Away-from-Time and into Nature-Nurture. I seek a shrine nested in nature, un-interrupting the trees, a haven for birds and squirrels … Continue reading Postcard #46: Home at the Shrine

Goddess Portrait: The Cailleach!

I have a personal relationship with my Gods. Sometimes they surprise me in my dreams. Sometimes they give me "permission" to draw and paint their portraits. This time one of them wanted me to paint Her as a self-portrait of myself. I was mystified and challenged by this.  Would I get it right?  Dare I … Continue reading Goddess Portrait: The Cailleach!

Postcard #13: Snow Daze

I like the way the wind seems to take form as it lifts the snow and howls through the trees. There is no way to escape the dance-in-the-face snow-snake-spirits that weave and wave off the roof edges. I barely feel the cold as I stand in the snow, ignoring how it spills into my boots … Continue reading Postcard #13: Snow Daze

Dream of the One-Winged Angels

From my personal dream journal December 5, 2011: I have been visited by women with half-shaved heads and one white wing for an arm. Their faces are very celestial, they dress in orange robes that fold and wrinkle over their bodies like the petals of a flower, and they move with odd grace. On a … Continue reading Dream of the One-Winged Angels

Saumya’s Portrait

I often have dreams about friends, even friends I have yet to meet, and not only do I record the dreams in a handwritten journal I keep at my bedside, I also draw scenes in my sketchbook and use the best images for future paintings.  I consider all of the portraits I will feature here … Continue reading Saumya’s Portrait