My Harrowing/Hero-ing

When I take action to control my life, I'm told I'm being manipulative. When they say I do not inform them of my life plans, it means they wanted me to ask their permission. When I decide what I want to do, it's not done against anyone else's will. When I ask for help, I … Continue reading My Harrowing/Hero-ing


Postcard #32: The Linden Tree Lover

I found a lover while you disappeared hidden within the Linden Tree... Like a featherfall into bed he was as I stood, making me lie down all night long filling me with his heavy honey sweetness I delighted delicate, crushed happily against his chest his chest soft and fluffy and white... his flowers blooming perfume … Continue reading Postcard #32: The Linden Tree Lover

Postcard #27: Breaking Through

I am here yet not really here. My words are footprints fading on a well-worn path. I am not walking alone nor am I writing out a new trail of ink to mark my passing. I have found myself by getting lost in a dream, again. The secret key to my release is to drench … Continue reading Postcard #27: Breaking Through

Do We Have to Compete?

One thing that has always felt unfair to me, competing against an equally talented artist to win honor, power, prestige, favor and reward. Why? Because someone else has to lose in order for me to win. Or I have to lose in order for someone else to win. Most of the time it is the … Continue reading Do We Have to Compete?