Valentina Tarot

The Valentina Tarot Deck, 2004-2006:
For many years I have designed Tarot cards and have never really settled on any one theme or style that really defines my kind of deck. Just coming up with a Tarot deck worthy of my own tastes was hard enough, I still had to ask myself if other people would buy it.  Would psychics like it?  Would I love it enough to use it myself?  Would my style of painting and drawing work for Tarot?  So, in mid October 2004, while I was recovering from an intestinal infection, I needed to concentrate on a project to keep my mind off the pain.  I decided to draw a Tarot card a day and paint my own interpretation of that card each day.  This took me a lot longer than the few weeks it took me to heal!  During the three year period it took to complete the entire deck, I fell into a deep depression because I was separated from friends.  Some of those old friends may recognize themselves in this deck.  If I create a new Tarot deck, I plan to make things a bit more traditional and less personal.  My life has changed since I painted this deck.  How would my new outlook on life augment the look of my homemade Tarot deck now?

This was to be the back cover image for each card:

But I felt it might be a tad bit too presumptious to include more than one image of myself in my own deck.  I was even clueless as to what to call the deck!  So I just named it after myself.

The Major Arcana
The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor 

The Heirophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Justice, The Hermit 
The Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Hanged Woman, Death, Temperance 
The Devil, The Towers, Star, The Moon, The Sun 
Judgement, The World 

The Minor Arcana: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles 

The Wands 

The Court of Wands:
Child of Wands, Jack of Wands (Jack Kerouac), Queen of Wands, King of Wands 
The Cups  
The Court of Cups 
Children of Cups, Jack of Cups, Queen of Cups, King of Cups
The Swords 
The Court of Swords 
Child of Swords, Joan of Swords (Joan of Arc), Queen of Swords, King of Swords


The Pentacles 
The Court of Pentacles 
Child of Pentacles, John of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles (myself), King of Pentacles



14 thoughts on “Valentina Tarot

    1. Thank you! I painted that in 2005 and I’m not sure if I’ll ever print it, but since I’ve had such a great reaction to it, I just might. I went through three years of rejections, it was very daunting. I know every artist/writer goes through that, yet I wasn’t prepared for it. I am thinking of doing more designs and concepts. In any case, you’re welcome here any time! I plan on sharing more of my art soon. Yay!

  1. That is a lovely deck, felt captivated and inspired looking, would purchase if ever printed, do you my mind if I download so I may print them on postcards for myself?

    1. Thank you.
      No you may not download my images to print them for private or public use. I will be updating my site soon. The deck will be undergoing a change as I will be seeking publication. Some of the cards (only the ones with a few men I used to know on them) will be changed, or I might do another deck.
      Today I will be announcing some changes!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m not sure if I’ll ever complete this deck. I’m going to start from scratch and consider this deck to be my “color sketches”/plans for one I’ll really consider truly as my own. Someday!

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